The Shady Collective announce the 5th round of «Live Arts» @ Uhørt, the 16th of November. This night will be filled with live music from the Shady Collective members. Also, to please your visual senses, we bring forth the WINNERS of the last "Live Arts". They will be doing a «speed painting» competition before your eyes. This means creating whatever they feel inspired to in 90 minutes. The best painting will be decided by you.
As this will be the last Live Arts before the new year we promise you an explosion of creativity you have never experienced. 

Franky Dmiedo

Shady Collective:
Obi Fro,
Shady Papa,
Love and Eilertsen

Guest vocalists:


Visual artists:

Kirill Danielsen
Jonas Greni
Ingrid Kristensen Bjørnaali
Ingunn Dybendal

CC: Free

ID: 20