Welcome to Oslos most awesome art mashup, Live-Arts! 

Live Arts is art made fun. How? 
Four visual artists are given a canvas each and in 90 minutes they are going to paint a complete picture! When they are done, YOU are going to decide which artist goes forward to the finale. And while the artists compete, your hips and feet are gonna move to the groove of the Shady Collective.

Web page: http://liveartsoslo.tumblr.com/

Franky Dmiedo

Visual Artists: 
Silje Pedersen Engeset
Olav Henrik
Susanne Thybell
Sophia Myntti

Sondre "Shady Papa" Mæland - Bass
Øyvind "Eilertsen" Eliassen - Guitar
Olve "Love" Flakne - Guitar
Ole Bendik "O.B. Fro" Svendsen - Drums

Feat. Oskar Øiestad - Vocals

Starts at: 20.00
Age limit: 20-Years
Free Entry