Tirsdag 5.april får vi besøk av den amerikanske singer/songwriteren Kyle Woolard. Han kombinerer post rock med pop-rock og tekstene setter seg som lim i hukommelsen.

Kyle Woolard, lead singer and songwriting force behind American post-pop quintet The Anatomy of Frank, broke through with his first European tour in 2012. He takes the complexity of his band’s orchestral epics and reproduces them on an acoustic guitar, charming audiences with orchestral nuance, unforgettable melodies, and singalongs that have ear-wormed much of Europe. 

In 2014, Woolard embarked on fulfilling a childhood dream: he announced that The Anatomy of Frank would record an album on every continent on earth, an extraordinary feat no other band in history has attempted. “North America” is first, released on German label Beste!Unterhaltung in October 2015.


CC: 100,-
ID: 20-År