Welcome to Oslos most awesome art mashup, Live Arts! 
Live Arts is art made interactive. How? 
Four visual artists are given a space each and in 60 minutes they will create an artwork. When they are done, YOU are going to decide which artist goes forward to the finale. And while the artists compete, your hips and feet are gonna move to the groove of the Shady Collective.

Franky Dmiedo 

Artist Participants:
Aurora Louise Haugen Itland
August Rosenlund Kvam

Shady Collective : 
Sondre Funkin' Mæland / Shady Papa Bassics on bass and vocals, 
Olve “Love” Flakne and Øyvind Eliassen on guitar, 
Ole Bendik “O.B Fro” Svendsen on drums, 
Audun Haave Reknes on keys,

Starts: 20:00
CC: free
ID: 20yrs