Uhørt byr på mang en musikkopplevelse i ulike sjangre. 
SOULREAL er et nytt konsept for deg som liker Soul & R`n B

There's not enough places in Oslo, where live soul & funk music gets played in a regular basis. We're here to fill that spot. "SOULREAL"

Talented musicians and singers will play and for listeners we will gaurantee a positive vibe, everytime, if you love soul and funk music you do not want to miss this!

CC: 100,-
Forhåndsalg: https://www.ticketmaster.no/event/554581
ID: 20-år

Be there :)



Violet E er en R&B artist med røtter i Oslo, basert i London. Hun har nylig sluppet trap/R&B låta “2MKEUFEEL” med moody musikk video (filmet i Shoreditch, London). Sounden hennes er mellow og tekstene reflekterer rundt emosjonell dysfunksjonalitet. 
Violet E´s motto: “live your truth- no matter what that is.”

Ane Herstad found her love for performing at an early age. She studied music throughout her formal education and later specialised in Jazz Vocals. She's a freelance musician in Oslo and a music teacher working with students of all ages. Ane is involved in numerous projects such as lead singer in the Latin band; 'Banakao Oslo' and 'The Runaway Band'. She has also done backing vocals for; 'Baba Soul & the Professors of Funk', 'Kevzta', ',Maggie', 'Bedrock Bluesband', men and UK act; 'The Science of the Lamps'.

BaBA Soul & The Professors of funk
The Professors of Funk is a band of eight groovy
musicians: guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, tenor saxophone,
trumpet,and Trombone with the charismatic Baba Soul (Hugo Pereira) at the
front. Together, the Professors under the supervision of
Baba Soul, have been working in the musical lab, conducting
experiments in Classical Groove with the aim to bring Old school
Funk and Soul back to its righteous glory. In a contemporary and
unique manner they bring a new freshness to the table.
Baba soul Music.

Dj Stew

Winner of the R.O.N "Ready Or Not" Concept 2015 in the Dj's Category in Paris (FRANCE), And official Deejay of The Juste Debout Nordic 2016.
Dj Stew started his career in the heart of Oslo. Inspired by the tranquility of the 90`s, he is now rocking the turntables all around the world. Dj Stew is known for bringing his good vibe in every party and is for that reason one of the most requested djs in Oslo.
Being Caribbean and raised in France, Stew have been influenced with all kind of rythmes. In 2009 he finally found his way to Norway and have humbly worked his way around with the best. His goal is to make everyone have a great time and enjoying his passion, music!

Bring your shiny shoes and lets Dance!!!!!