Velkommen til årets siste Fortellerkafé - denne gangen på engelsk!
Vi er så heldige å få besøk av den kritikerroste, engelske fortelleren Dominic Kelly som har med seg forestillingen Trickster. Mer info om forestillingen på engelsk under.


Alle som vil er hjertelig velkommen til "forteller hangout" en time før forestilling. Forteller Hangout begynner kl. 18 og er en slags oppvarming til selve forestillingen kl. 19. Her kan du mingle med venner og bekjente, du kan ta deg en forfriskning i baren, og du får også sjansen til å teste ut fantasien din med våre eventyrlige fortellerterninger og kort – helt ufarlig og gøyalt!

About the performance:
Dominic Kelly creates storytelling performances that draw you deep into the world of your own imagination. He adapts and blends traditional and real life stories for modern audiences, bringing to vivid life their drama, their humour and what they have to say about our lives in the 21st Century.

15th July 1910:
A teenage boy walks out of school for the last time. Classmates, teachers, and doctors have already fallen foul of his trickery. Ahead are fun, fortune and a hundred more serious ruses to try. Little does he know he’ll soon be the most wanted man in Britain.
Delightful and dangerous, hungry for life and never to be trusted, meet John Henry Williams. Hero or thief, soldier or captain, pit boy or rich man – he’s all of them and none. With his eye on the main chance, a bag of disguises and always a trick up his sleeve, he’ll take you on a rattling trip from pithead, parade ground and mountain hideout to a climax on the lonely roads of Cumberland. With deviously disguised global trickster tales and real-life story, Dominic Kelly embarks on an audacious tale of trickery and deceit; a tale where truth and hearsay, history, folktale and myth flicker like shadows in sunshine. Come journey on a trickster’s side of the road…

“Compelling, funny and heartbreaking” - The Times