Ben Lorentzen is a Norwegian singer songwriter, from Tromso in the north of Norway. He has made US his home since 2009 and currently resides in New Jersey with his family.

Ben’s first musical influence was Elvis Presley. Raw, energetic,and a little dangerous, Elvis embodied what a rock star should be!
Later on the discovery of Bob Dylan and his profound lyrical visions became Ben's mainstay and laid the foundation for further discoveries such as Paul Simon, Nick Cave, Soundgarden and Tool. Traces of these artist can be found in Lorentzen’s music. Exploring the outer rims of pleasure and pain, hope and despair, love and loss, Ben takes his dark poetic sensibility and with a Nordic twist ads his distinct flavors of alternative americana.

Ben calls his music Suburban Noir.
He explains that Suburban Noir is taking the perfunctory in our daily life of suburbia, and juxtaposing it with the inner realities of the ugly and the beautiful, the fear and surrender, and the rage and compassion that races in all of us.

Ben was first recognized as a songwriter, and has written songs as a staff writer for EMI Publishing Norway. This led him to write and record songs with critically acclaimed artists such as Martin Hagfors(Homegroan, 1997) and Paal Flaata (Rain, 2006). He finally got a taste of mainstream recognition as a founding band member of Brent with a top 40 single “Need to Need you” (2002), off of their album “Here & There” (S2, Universal)

In 2015, he released his first solo album called “America” (Nordic Records), an acoustic album rooted in the indie-folk tradition. Ben embraces the most enduring American musical influences and weaves it all together with his haunting voice.

Lorentzen’s latest release “Pains & Pleasures of Intimacy” (2017) is much like his earlier work in that it strives to strike a balance between delicate reserve and brutal honesty. Difference is that now it builds to explode with bluesy rock'n roll on occasion.

“Music is my redemption," says Ben. "Music has been the divine footsteps that I read in the darkest and in the brightest moments of my life. In my songs, I want to celebrate topics that disturb as well as uplift. I am singing about the beauty of death, how it frames our lives and gives it meaning. Not in a destructive sense, but how it points out what is really meaningful. I am singing about the importance of community, of forgiveness and of love. I want to remind myself and my listeners that despite the ugliness and difficulties of life, we need to stand together while we welcome the light and the darkness equally."


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