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GHOST IRIS (dk) & AVIANA (se) at Uhørt 14. April

GHOST IRIS is one of the leading progressive metalcore bands out of Denmark, who started their story in 2015 with their first album “Anecdotes Of Science & Soul”. Their growth is in particular due to their presence on the internet, where especially YouTube and Spotify has opened a plethora of doors, inter alia leading to a signing with the German genre-label Long Branch Records, a subsidiary of the record giant SPV.

In early 2017 those Danish Dynamites released their second sophomore album "Blind World". The album has recieved grand praise for it playful, yet catchy approach to technical metal.

With growing segments in the international metal scene recently turning their attention towards increasingly technical and innovative bands, the Copenhagen-based quintet GHOST IRIS is now ready to present a Danish take on the genre. Having previously gathered experience in popular bands like SCARRED BY BEAUTY and AS WE FIGHT the band members of GHOST IRIS combine elements from metalcore and progressive metal in a sound that balances complex and powerful heaviness with ambitious and technical melodies.

AVIANA is a new, ambitious metal band that has its core in Gothenburg. The band began writing their debut album in 2015 and the result was "Polarize" - an album that mixes heavy, aggressive pieces with melodic sing-alongs and lyrics with a clear, strong message. The album was released on the 20th of January 2017 via Rambo/Sony Music.

With a strong will to be the best possible live band, unforgettable live performances on the stage is always the main idea in the process of writing new music. Aviana are now working hard to leave a mark on the metal scene with their debut album and touring as much as possible. The band has their influences from a wide range of artists, where bands like Northlane and Fit for a King contribute to the darker parts and bands like Bring Me The Horizon represents the melodic influence.

The band's debut album “Polarize” has been met by critical acclaim from around the world and has been featured in multiple magazines such as Close-up Magazine and Sweden Rock Magazine, both of which gave the album 8/10 in their reviews.

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