"The Italian Sessions" is a new project & collaboration between the Norwegian artist Terje Nordgarden and the Italian Culture Institute of Oslo. Nordgarden - having lived many years in Italy - has for years felt the urge to bring and present to Oslo & Norway some of the amazing musicians and music the Italian music scene has to offer to today. The first session and artist is Marco Iacampo from Mestre, Venezia."


is an Italian artist living in Mestre, Italy. He writes in the Italian language, but his songs have an international appeal thanks to their melodic touch. His sound takes part in the global folk music of today and his words derive directly from the soul and his voice is an expressive channel for it. Thanks to his original way of writing and singing his melodies and songs are easy to recognise. 

In the recent years under the name of Iacampo he has released a trilogy; “Valetudo”, “Flores” and “Fructus”. In these albums he has constructed his own little world of music; from the Italian song tradition, the American blues and even with African and Brazilian influences. Iacampo is a precious gem in the Italian music scene. 

The songs of Iacampo have a tendency to transform themselves into part prayers, part love hymnes and part mystical visions. His last work “Fructus” was made as a collaboration with the Brazilian producer Gui Amabis who has managed to add a vein of pop and at the same time added a halo of mystery thanks to the many samples made by the acclaimed producer from Sao Paolo, Brazil. 

Marco Iacampo is also working with the regional culture where he lives in Veneto, Italy and he is also the president of the cultural organisation called Veneto Contemporaneo. 

YouTube: https://www.facebook.com/events/674652032910695

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7hGSUomCHDxbX6v4Ie2Mzx?si=4-7dlbccTwizgxY_79BK-Q

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