Kom på fortellerkafe Oslos første fortellerkveld på Uhørt denne høsten! Søndag 2. september kl. 19 kommer seks av medlemmene i The Council for å fortelle for oss. 

The Council for Storytelling and Peace
The council formed in 2014 on an initiative from the Swedish Storyteller and director Inger-Lise Oelrich. Since then we have met each year to understand WHY we are telling stories, WHAT to tell and HOW we can tell them more powerfully. This is a group of great hearted storytellers who are using this art to bring meaning in many arenas. We have met for festivals and workshops in France, Estonia, England and last year at the Scottish Storytelling Festival. We wish to bring peace to the spirit, to bring knowledge of our relation to nature, to share laughter at our human follies.

The council consists of 18 storytellers, 6 of them are visiting Oslo for this performance

Betaling i døra: 100 kr (Vi tar kort) 

Vi gleder oss!