the best 3 djs of the competition will meet and battle each other for becoming the next upcoming dj is cafe sor and uhort ...

this edition will be very special.

2 rounds of 30 min and showcases of the judges .

exercises of technique and musicality.
a preparation of set for all the djs...

judges :
- dj st patrick ( host )
- dj stew (host)
- dj correct
- dj FMC ( uhort W:E booking )
- dj helene ( cafe sor W:E booking )

3 styles rules

The only creative constraint you are given is that you must play at least 3 genres of music in your 30 minutes in 3 sets. Dig deep into all kinds of crates and find those 30 minutes of mixed greatness that truly represents you.
On the technical front we allow for the following. 2 players (2 turntables or cds), 1 mixer, a maximum of 2 midi devices. A one piece controller instead of players and a mixer is also technically allowed but to progress through the event you had better freak that thing. There really is no standard set up for this art form but this is the maximum allowable amount of gear for our events. You are free to do whatever you want with the aforementioned gear on the DJ desk.

The reward:

The WINNER of the fourth Monday will be book for 4 dates at UHORT or CAFÉ SØR
You are winning the chance to play and show yourself to be the next raising start of dj’ing...

how does it work?
step 1:
register – send an email to with:

DJ name:
styles you play:
your age: (21+)
something about yourself
with a picture we can promote you :)

step 2:
promote yourself -
more people follow your work, the better is your chance to take the "W" home.
share the event, invite yours friends, like the page, and go practice.