B-Da Sufi is an independent hip hop artist/Emcee from west Africa.
Born in the Gambia and grew up between Senegal and The Gambia. Sufi is now residing in Oslo/Norway.

He raps in English, Norwegian, wolof and other languages. His style of mixing different languages together is another interesting style of hip hop from Sufi.

Music: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0kILJqhPoAkPmgZaRfv5s4?si=A-gFNe7PSwmLHpwq9OYrbg

The band:
B-Da Sufi - emcee
Gael - emcee
Drums - Ole Bendik Svendsen
Bass - Adrian Du Monceau De Bergendal
Keyboard - Corny Henry
Guitar- Jørn Hansen
Dj Frank

Guest artists:
Ole-O- Emcee
Fabrizio - singer
Lyx- Band
Fred Martinsen - poet
Marius Abrahamsen - poet
Kamilla Christin - singer
Silje Andersen - Rapper

Cc: 100 kr
ID: 20-år
Door opens: 20:00
Show start: 20:30
23:30 dj ...... takes over