Might be funny, might be sad. Might be weird, might be normal. We don’t know.

Sunday Improv Chill is improvised theatre. You will meet different teams, playing longform style improv. The teams are creating a number of scenes - often inspired by a suggestion from the audience.

The teams are as excited as you to see which characters pop up and which stories unfold. The stories have not been told before and will sadly (or luckily) never be told again.

Squeeze a few more laughs out of your weekend!

Join THE CHILL ZONE one hour before show start. FREE EASTERCANDY FROM 6PM

Venue: Uhørt, Strøget, Oslo
Duration: 6PM-8.30PM. Showstart 7PM.
Dates: Feb. 10th, March 17th, Apr. 7th, May 12th
Language: English
Tickets: Free*
* donations, you decide:

During or after the show you may VIPPS your donations to Improv Chill: 552165

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